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The Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU) is a research institute acting under the minister of the climate. The research and services offered by IETU focus on environmental challenges posed by industrialised and urbanised areas in the context of circular economy, resource efficiency, adaptation to climate change and mitigation of its effects.


Our mission is to provide solutions beneficial for the environment and the economy which will ensure welfare of the public.



The Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas is an innovative and independent business entity providing and developing attractive and effective solutions which significantly reduce pressure or have a positive impact on the environment.

Strategic goal

The strategic goal of the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas is to initiate actions for sustainable management of environmental resources in the context of economic growth and social development (on a local, regional and European scale) by conducting R&D works and implementing their results.



In 1972, on the basis of the Katowice Branch of the Institute of Water Management, an Environmental Protection Centre was established as an initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Until 1991 the Centre was acting as a Katowice branch of the Institute for Environmental Management supervised by the Minister of the Environment, later on referred to as the Institute for Environmental Protection. In 1992 the Katowice branch of the Institute for Environmental Protection became an independent unit under the name of the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU).

With the development of environmental protection in Poland the scientific and research profile of IETU was gradually changing, starting from surface water protection, water and wastewater treatment technologies, through atmospheric protection and municipal management, towards comprehensive, systemic, integrated protection and management of the environment.

Over the last three years IETU's scientific expertise, experience and organisational skills, as well as the availability of IT and telecommunications services, enabled scientific and research cooperation and exchange of knowledge with more than 200 units involved in the implementation of joint national and international projects.



On the basis of the Katowice Branch of the Institute of Water Management, an Environmental  Protection Centre was established as an initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which until 1992 acted as the Katowice branch of the Institute for Environmental Protection.

The Institute's scientific activity in 1972-1992 contributed to:
- the development of the basis of an environmental quality management system and environmental quality control system in the Katowice / Silesian voivodeship,
- launching the first regional air quality monitoring system in Poland based on average daily measurements of pollutant concentrations (PM, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides),
- implementation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) to environmental protection law,
- development of techniques and technologies to reduce pollutant emission to the environment,
- development of systemic solutions for comprehensive environmental protection of industrialised and urbanised areas in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region,
- development of methodology for creating multi-annual environmental protection programmes,
- changes in the structure of crop cultivation in the allotment gardens due to soil contamination with heavy metals - lead, cadmium, zinc (1980-1994).

since 1986

IETU has been operating and developing a testing ground for comprehensive environmental research, also at a cellular level.


Decision on the establishment of an independent unit - Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas.

Rapid development of international cooperation (US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, Florida State University, European research units); active involvement in actions carried out by the Ministry of the Environment; undertaking numerous initiatives at a voivodeship level.

since 1994

Implementation of research funded under the EU Research Framework Programmes, active cooperation with European research institutions. By 2015 IETU was a member of more than 60 international scientific consortiums carrying out research and implementation projects.


Organising one of the first demonstrations of bio- and phytoremediation technologies in Poland for more than 200 participants each, in cooperation with US partners.


Cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment in the development of rules, procedures and environmental management tools to ensure harmonisation of the Polish law with the European Union regulations.


Supporting the implementation of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) at a national level: participation in the development of a Roadmap for Environmental Technologies Action Plan in Poland / KETAP / preparing the concept of the National Environmental Technology Monitoring System as a tool to support the promotion of eco-innovative solutions in Poland (in cooperation with the Institute of Mining Technology - KOMAG and Polish Centre of Testing and Certification - PCBC).


IETU is one of the top ten Polish research units implementing research projects under the 5th and 6th EU Framework Programmes.

since 2002

Coordination of international scientific networks: AIRCLIM-NET (International Thematic Scientific Network for Problems of Air Pollution and Climate Change) and ENVITECH-NET (International Thematic Scientific Network
for Environmental Technologies)

since 2005

Coordination of the Polish Platform for Environmental Technologies, currently the Polish Technological Platform for Eco-innovation.


Development of IT infrastructure for collection, processing and analysis of environmental data.

since 2011

Participation in the development and implementation of the EU Pilot Programme of Environmental Technologies Verification (EU ETV).


Restructuring of IETU financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education


ETV Body-IETU got accreditation from the Polish Centre for Accreditation for compliance with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard for the type A inspection unit in the field of verification of innovative technologies and products for water and wastewater industry in accordance with the European Union Environmental Technology Verification Programme


Development of Climate Adaptation Plans for Bytom, Chorzów, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Katowice, Mysłowice, Ruda Śląska, Siemianowice Śląskie and Sosnowiec in cooperation with local governments, as part of the project: “Development of Urban Adaptation Plans for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants (44MPA)” implemented by the Ministry of the Environment


ETV Body-IETU extended the scope of environmental technology verification to materials, waste and resources, including recycling of industrial by-products and waste into recycled materials and recycling of construction waste into building materials


IETU expert represents Poland in the Horizon Europe Mission Board for Soil, Health and Food

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