IETU’s open seminars

IETU’s open seminars provide an opportunity to benefit from expert knowledge, but first of all, to establish contacts and exchange experience with other scientists, representatives of environmental protection sector and professionals involved in environmental projects.

The seminars provide insight into the portfolio of our research projects and services, allowing participants to learn about innovative approaches to current environmental issues, research outcomes, and their practical use.

We are open to share our knowledge and experience and encourage you to participate in the meetings and discussions on a wide range of environmental issues that are currently being addressed by academics, entrepreneurs and administration representatives, both state and local. The presence of representatives of different backgrounds gives an opportunity to carry out lively discussions and better understand the broader context of the discussed topics.

IETU’s open seminars are free and most of them are conducted in Polish. They are held in Katowice at 6, Kossutha St., at 1.00 -2.30 pm. They are also recorded and made available on our website.

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