Signing of a cooperation agreement with LOT of the City of Gwarki

On 26th of April, 2023, at the office of the Local Tourism Organization of the City of Gwarki in Tarnowskie Góry, a solemn signing of the Cooperation Agreement took place. The Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas was represented by the Director dr hab. Marta Pogrzeba, professor of the Institute. On the part of LOT, the agreement was signed by the President of the Management Board, Piotr Korab, and the Vice-President of the Management Board, Zbigniew Pawlak. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Joanna Piasecka-Rodak - coordinator of the #TExTOUR project at IETU and Mr. Tomasz Stemplewski from LOT.

The meeting took place in the very center of Tarnowskie Góry, in a tenement house at the Market Square, which ensured a particularly nice atmosphere. After the official signing of the document, representatives of IETU and LOT have discussed the areas of cooperation, fields of interest and numerous ideas for new activities. According to the Agreement, the cooperation will include in particular organization of joint events focused on promoting cultural tourism, initiating and conducting joint activities in the field of cultural tourism, knowledge exchange and promotion of mutual cooperation.

The Local Tourism Organization of the City of Gwarków was officially added to the register of associations in December 2022. Its establishment was envisaged as part of the implementation of the international #TExTOUR project applying a new approach to cultural tourism. LOT brings together local governments, associations and tourism industry entrepreneurs from Bytom, Tarnowskie Góry, Zbrosławice, i.e. the pilot area of ​​the @TExTOUR project. The main goal of LOT will be promoting the tourist values ​​of post-mining monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list, creating a tourist information system and plans for the development of tourist infrastructure.

More info about the project:

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