5th ETV Stakeholder Forum: De-risking the adoption of green technologies for a sustainable industrial transition

Environmental Technology Verification Scheme (ETV) is a voluntary ISO 14034 standardized environmental management scheme. The scheme provides a process for an impartial, credible performance verification of a market-ready environmental technology through the evaluation of quality assured test data.

The overall goal of the ETV scheme is to make objective performance information about environmental technologies available to all of the actors in the environmental marketplace: potential buyers, technology providers, permitting/regulatory bodies, investors and other stakeholders for their consideration and decision making on what they are buying, permitting or put money into.

Performance assessment and verification of new environmental technologies by ETV should be useful especially to:

  • Buyers and users of technology, and the consulting engineering community that advises them, who need an objective source of technology performance data to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Providers and developers of technology who want to market their products at a level playing field of objectively acquired technology performance data .
  • Permitting and regulatory bodies at the EU and Member State/regional / local level who must make decisions on which technologies to allow into use.
  • Capital providers who must determine the level of risk involved in supporting innovative technology developers and green-tech investments.
  • Funding bodies who provide innovation support programmes dedicated to environmental technologies that seek ways to maximise the market impact of their subsidies

Following a successful pilot stage, the ETV scheme is now implemented by the European Commission with the support of the  European Institute of Innovation and Technology as a full-fledged EU Environmental Technology Verification Programme including 7 technology areas and an EU-wide geographical scope.


The 5# ETV Stakeholder Forum:  a common goal and a forum for a solution-oriented dialogue

Our ultimate goal for this Forum is to facilitate mainstreaming ETV as a tool de-risking market adoption of new environmental technologies for a sustainable industrial transition to ensure that the environment, the economy, and the marketplace benefit from green technological innovations with proven performance.

To achieve this goal, our ETV Stakeholder Forum has the following objectives :

  • Inform stakeholders interested in the development and market uptake of environmental technologies of the benefits and process of technology verification under ETV;
  • Provide a bridge and enter into a collaborative dialogue between stakeholders interested in technology verification and actors of the EU ETV scheme;
  • Inspire the stakeholders to initiate similar dialogues at Member State level or regional level to establish national frameworks facilitating the use of the EU ETV scheme
  • Establish an EU ETV Stakeholder Community to continue the dialogue and co-create the future of the EU ETV Programme

Accomplishing these objectives will allow us to lay a solid groundwork for the future of the ETV scheme and build its synergies with sustainable transition efforts at EU and national level.

Our Forum aims to bring together EU and national stakeholders and experts dealing with environmental policies, research and innovation, certification and standardization, green-tech financing, compliance, regulation & permitting bodies, procurement officers, consulting engineering companies recommending technology alternatives to purchasers, business support organisations and finally technology users and providers to discuss the following topics:

  • Environmental technologies for the EU Green Deal
  • Bridging the commercialization gap of new environmental technologies:
  • De-risking green-tech investments
  • Building collaborative stakeholder frameworks for ETV: the way forward

The Forum is organised by the LIFEproETV project in collaboration with the European Commission and ETV Secretariat within the context of EU Green Week (2022 Partner events). It is the 5th from the series of the EU-level events dedicated to ETV.

Date: 1 June 2022

Venue: EIT House – 7 Rue Guimard, 1040, Brussels, Belgium



09:30 – 10:00 Welcome session
Welcome by LIFEproETV Coordinator,
(short introduction about LIFEproETV and the event, housekeeping rules, presentation of agenda and speakers)
I. Ratman-Kłosińska, IETU
Keynote presentation
The Challenge Of Pursuing Sustainable Technological Change Under The Eu Green Deal
Emmanuelle Maire, Head of Unit, Circular Economy Sustainable Production and Consumption, DG ENV
10:00 – 11:30 Panel session 1 – Environmental technologies for the EU Green Deal Details
11:30 – 11:45 Coffee break
11:45 – 13:15 Panel session 2 – Bridging the commercialization gap of new environmental technologies Details
13:15 – 13:45 Lunch break
13:45 – 15:15 Panel session 3 – Derisking investments in green-tech Details
15:15 – 16:30 Panel session 4 – Building collaborative stakeholders frameworks for ETV: the way forward Details


Working Language: English

The workshop is organised under the www.LIFEproETV project with the support of the ETV secretariat

Event registration link: Registration

General Information Clause on Personal Data Protection in PDF file


More information about the event on LIFEproETV website


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