CIRC4Life virtual OPEN INNOVATION CAMP, 27th-28th May 2021

EU funded H2020 research project CIRC4Life (No 776503) is organising its second Open Innovation Camp on 27th and 28th of May, 2021. This time the Innovation Camp will be held virtually. 

Join the CIRC4Life partners as an external expert at our OIC, bringing together circular economy experts and practitioners from across the world. The event aims at validating circular economy business models and key innovations enabling implementation of these business models. Implementation of developed business models will be presented by the CIRC4Life Demonstrators. The Camp will also identify most promising innovations for market uptake and further research.

CIRC4Life Innovation Camp is a great opportunity for advancing critical issues regarding the future development of a circular economy and the development of human-centric solutions and businesses at a European level. During the CIRC4Life Innovation Camp, participants are offered a unique opportunity to get first-hand access to the project results and developed solutions, and to jointly evaluate their innovativeness and circularity. As the event is open to leading circular economy experts, participants will join a multi-disciplinary network of industry, academia, private and public sectors, creating a valuable platform for discussing and planning future collaboration opportunities.

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This business model helps to bring end-users closer to design and production stages using user-centric methods. Benefiting from the co-creation features, sets of sustainable production methods have been implemented and new products/services have been be created. The key innovation of this CEBM are the eco-point method, use of online LCA, and a decision-making and impact assessment tool for the value chain actors.


By presenting the customer with options and the right methodology to assess the environmental impact of products, this model enables the consumer to make a more sustainable decision. The model also provides a traceability solution to monitor a product’s sustainability along the value chain and supports end-users and stakeholders to actively implement the circular economy via awareness raising and knowledge sharing activities. The key innovations of this CEBM are the CIRC4Life consumer app, the eco-label, the traceability module, and the consumer awareness raising and capacity building activities.


This model is based on a user-friendly waste collection system. It includes a system for stakeholders to interact with each other to facilitate the use/reuse of end-of-life products and reduce waste, and implements an eco-credits awarding scheme to encourage people to recycle/reuse. The key innovations of the CEBM are the ICT based reuse/recycling system; an eco-credit/eco-cost based consumer app; incentive schemes for reducing, reusing and recycling; and awareness activities.


In addition to the three CEBMs, a central theme is related to an ICT platform which supports their implementation. The CIRC4Life ICT platform is a vendor-neutral and open source-based information logistical infrastructure. It supports resource and impact accounting, market signals and neutral statistics collection, as well as trustworthy traceability throughout the value and supply chains.


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