Different dimensions of the Silesian coal region transition in IETU films

Silesian Park, development of industrial tourism in Zabrze, Katowice Culture Zone and research on post-mining landfills - these are the subjects of four films prepared by IETU, presenting various aspects and experiences connected with the transition of the Silesian mining region. The films focus on new functions of the developed space - natural, recreational, tourist and cultural.

Under the slogan "In the process of change - the transition experiences of the Silesian coal region", IETU has made four films that present important aspects of the transition process of degraded areas and brownfields, such as long-term planning, ensuring financing from various sources, cooperation of many institutions and entities, preservation of objects of historical value and protection of industrial and cultural heritage, as well as research on post-mining waste landfills, chemically contaminated land and soils or degraded landscapes.

The films show that facilities and areas degraded by mining may be areas of opportunity and chance for new development. And also, or perhaps above all, they draw attention to the necessity of assuming responsibility for this destroyed space and everything that thanks to our joint efforts was created within this space - says Wanda Jarosz from IETU.  

The films have been prepared as part of the project "Sharing knowledge on the transition of coal regions - study visits of stakeholders from Ukraine to Polish mining regions" implemented under the Platform Initiative in Support of Coal Regions in Transition for Western Balkans and Ukraine, in cooperation with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the World Bank, in consultation with the European Commission.

The Silesian coal region has been facing the challenges of green transition for almost 30 years. The experience of our local governments, facility managers and scientists is a source of invaluable knowledge that we share with representatives of Ukrainian institutions and organisations involved in the transition of mining and energy sectors. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible for stakeholders from Ukraine to come to Poland and three study visits had to be organised on-line. The films are additional materials to better illustrate the changes taking place in the post-mining areas transformed and adapted to new land use patterns - emphasises Piotr Cofałka, IETU Director for Research and Development.

During study visits, their participants talk about the experiences related to the transition of mining and energy sectors and challenges connected with, i.a. regulatory, organisational, economic, social, spatial and environmental issues.

Films and experts’ comments show that the transition and redevelopment of post-mining areas and brownfields is a difficult, long-term, complex process that requires the involvement of many stakeholders, such as city authorities, residents, users and investors - adds Wanda Jarosz.

The series of films "In the process of change - the transition experiences of the Silesian coal region" in three language versions (Polish, English and Ukrainian) is available on the YouTube channel:

  • Zabrze - post-industrial tourism
  • Katowice - Culture Zone
  • GIG - research projects

We would like to thank all people who contributed to the preparation and production of the films and invite you to see the films on YouTube!

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