IETU on adaptation to climate change at the 2nd Silesian Convention on Climate Change – CLIMATE-CON 2023

CLIMATE-CON 2023, organised for the second time by the Silesian Marshal's Office, was a place for a discussion about the future of the region in the context of climate change. IETU promoted activities aimed at adaptation to climate change, increasing the amount of greenery in cities, improving air quality and protecting the health of the residents. The panel "Innovations for the Climate - Debate of Silesian Institutes" was attended by Dr. Marta Pogrzeba, Professor and Director of IETU.

On 11-12 October 2023, participants of the 2nd CLIMATE-CON 2023 had an opportunity to learn in detail about environmental protection issues both in the Silesian Voivodeship and other regions of Poland. The event was organised by the Marshal's Office of the Silesian Voivodeship LINK at the Silesian Stadium. It consisted of 28 discussion panels, during which over 90 speakers discussed topics closely related to climate protection, adaptation to climate change, and air quality improvement. The topics of the session included: transition of mining regions, adaptation activities, climate technologies, and circular economy.  

The inaugural session of CLIMATE-CON 2023 was attended by Jakub Chełstowski, Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, Professor Jerzy Buzek, Member of the European Parliament, Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Union Commissioner for the Environment and Magda Kopczyńska, Director General of the Directorate for Mobility and Transport.

The Marshal's Office presented pro-ecological projects financed under the LIFE EU programme - LIFE-IP COALA and “Silesia - Bringing Back the Blue” / “Śląskie. Przywracamy błękit”. The third presentation was the application “Silesia-Stop the Smog” /”Śląskie. Smog stop”, prepared by IETU and the Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases as part of the InfoSmog-MED project.

The IETU stand was visited by many participants - employees of the local government units, representatives of the GZM Metropolis and related organisations, non-governmental organisations, universities, entrepreneurs and residents. Conversations with pupils and students who participated in the workshops on the first day of CLIMATE-CON 2023 were very interesting.

Particular attention of the participants was drawn to the presented self-sufficient, intelligent module of green urban infrastructure, which was used to assess the suitability of selected native plant species for green roofs and walls. It is also equipped with a rainwater collection and circulation system, and monitoring equipment controlled via the Internet. The energy source includes photovoltaic panels. The research is carried out as part of the MOD4GRIN project.

The key topic of the discussions was adaptation to climate change. Adaptation plans and spatial analyses that IETU prepares for different cities, not only from our region but from other regions as well, allow us to diagnose the situation in cities, becoming an important element in building their resilience to the effects of climate change. At the same time, and this is particularly important, they help cities set and implement goals related to achieving climate neutrality. As a research institute, we provide expert knowledge and share experience which can be used in the cities in their development strategies aimed at mitigation and adaptation to climate change - says Piotr Cofałka, Deputy Director for Research and Development, IETU.

The "Science for the Climate" session included a panel "Innovations for the Climate - a Debate of Silesian Institutes", in which Dr. Marta Pogrzeba, Director and Professor of IETU, Dr. Aleksander Sobolewski, Director of the Institute of Fuel and Energy Technology and Dr. Mariusz Kruczek, representative of the Central Mining Institute - National Research Institute took part.

CLIMATE-CON has become a permanent item in the calendar of environmental protection events taking place in Silesia. We need such events to discuss the problems that arise in the field of broadly understood energy transition and related phenomena - emphasises Dr. Marta Pogrzeba, Director of IETU. The public must be informed that there are blue-green infrastructure solutions that can support us in our everyday lives, minimising the effects of negative weather phenomena. This year, at the debate of Silesian institutes, I have presented several innovative solutions that IETU can boast of in the field of environmental protection, adaptation of cities to climate change and assessment of the quality of air we breathe.

CLIMATE-CON 2023 - the 2nd Silesian Convention on Climate Change has acquired the status of an accompanying event of the European Week of Regions and Cities taking place in Brussels on 9-12 October this year.


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