LUMAT is speeding up

It is already one year of the implementation of LUMAT project on Implementation of Sustainable Land Use in Integrated Environmental Management of Functional Urban Areas. During this time internal training of the project partners has taken place concerning ecosystem services and functional urban area (FUA) identity. These training will be repeated for local self-government officers dealing with environmental management and land use issues.

The work on action plans for functional urban areas have been started, aiming at application of environmental management tools in the component of land as an environmental resource. These plans will be using ecosystem services analysis and assessment supporting the decisions on protection and development of land resources in functional urban areas regarding their potential and social, economic and environmental needs of FUAs.

Before this work on action plans for FUAs it was necessary to define and accept commonly used terminology indispensable for further documentation. Functional urban areas of the project are following: Ostrava Region, Trnava with several surrounding communities, Leipzig Nordraum, Metropolitan Area of Torino, Voitsberg Region, City of Kranj and functional area including Ruda Śląska, Chorzów and Świętochłowice. 

The investment planned in Ruda Śląska is a very important task of the project. On the area of post-zinc dumpling place a recreational public space will be created. The phyto-stabilization technology developed in IETU will be applied in order to protect surroundings against negative impact caused by heavy metals located inside the site. Then greenery will be planted on the area. The inhabitants of the FUA will have the possibility of rest and leisure by using walking paths, barbeque stands, children playground, sleds route, viewpoints. The investment will be finished in April 2019.

LUMAT project coordinated by IETU will last until April 2019 in the framework of the INTERREG Programme for Central Europe. The total value of the project is about 10 mln zloties, out of which financing of the “Ruda Śląska” part is about 1 mln zloties. Apart from Ruda Śląska city other European cities are project partners such as Torino, Slovakian Trnava, Slovenian Kranj or Czech Ostrava as well as European research institutes.


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