Mod4Grin project recommended for financing – a fact to boast about

The project Self-Sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure in Climate Change Adaptation has been recommended for funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The National Centre for Research and Development as the Operator of the Applied Research Programme implemented under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 has announced the results of the substantive evaluation of the POLNOR 2019 competition. Project Self-Sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure in Climate Change Adaptation from the thematic area: Energy, Transport and Climate received 20.5 points in the substantive assessment and was recommended for financing as the fourth on the ranking list.

We are very happy that the Mod4Grin project has been planned for financing, especially that only 7 projects were selected from among 17 submitted in this thematic area. Our project meets the demand for adaptation of cities to climate change, but also gives the opportunity to better recognise and understand the interactions and feedback among urbanisation, ecological processes and climate change. It also gives hope for improving the quality of life of urban residents - says Dr. Marta Pogrzeba, Prof. of IETU - Project Coordinator and Dr. Wojciech Bąba - Project Manager.

The project was prepared by a consortium consisting of IETU (Project Leader), Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and the company CommLED Solutions from Gliwice.

According to Piotr Cofałka, Deputy Director for Research and Development in IETU, the results of the research that will be carried out under the Mod4Grin project may be useful for local governments and the Ministry of Climate, as they will allow cities to better adapt to the effects of climate change.

For more information see: Results of the POLNOR 2019 competition

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