LIFEproETV – Promotion and implementation of ETV as an EU voluntary scheme for verifying performance of environmental technologies

Environmental technology verification (ETV) is a voluntary scheme that provides all: from technology provides, regulatory bodies, authorities, investors, financiers with a streamlined approach to confirm the performance of innovative environmental technologies in an impartial and credible way so that they can clearly see the benefits.

The aim of the LIFEproETV project is to promote this scheme and build a strong brand awareness, market acceptance and recognition of ETV on the EU market. It will help increase the number of new environmental technologies brought to the market and thus reduce the negative environmental impact of SMEs, industry and the public sector. T

The ETV scheme is based on the ISO 14034 standard: Environmental Management - Environmental Technology Verification, which facilitates its recognition and acceptance on domestic, EU and global market.


LIFEproETV addresses the needs of awareness rising, market recognition and acceptance of ETV, and especially:

  • builds capacity, skills and understanding of ETV among technology providers, buyers, policy makers and other stakeholders
  • creates an enabling policy environment for ETV and its use in public procurement
  • provides a resource of ETV knowledge and guidance about the scheme and its use
  • involves business support organisations to bring the scheme closer to SMEs and their wants and needs
  • promotes ETV for an EU-wide uptake


How this will be achieved?

  • We will promote ETV towards public and private procurers including industries, utilities etc. in an understandable way and in accordance with their needs and expectations thanks to a rich package of information materials and guides, as well as multimedia materials available in various language versions on the ETV Knowledge Platform
  • We will investigate and provide guidance to technology buyers from public and private sector to build knowledge and understanding of the use and value of the EU ETV Statements of Verification in procurement practice
  • We will showcase and provide guidance on how ETV could work for innovation procurement in pre-commercial purchases
  • We will promote ETV towards policy and decision makers from European Commission, EU ETV pilot countries and beyond to showcase how ETV can help them achieve environmental, climate and innovation objectives relevant for the European Green Deal
  • We will develop Policy Briefs to highlight policy areas where ETV can deliver an added value
  • We will establish a network of ETV Knowledge Centers based on business support organisations across EU to bring ETV closer to SMEs where they seek assistance for business development
  • We will facilitate establishing of new verification bodies and extension of the service offerings of the existing ones by online coaching for interested organisations and accreditation bodies
  • In cooperation with stakeholders, we will develop a roadmap for increasing the recognition and acceptance of ETV on the EU market
  • We will launch 6 ETV promotion campaigns in Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Slovenia
  • We will reach and network with key stakeholders on EU and national level including the EU ETV Secretariat, to build the ETV brand together, using the outcomes of our project.


What are we aiming at?

  • Build brand awareness of ETV among technology providers and buyers to make it top-of-mind tool helping marketing innovations and supporting purchase decisions
  • Make green public procurement and innovation procurement a market driver for ETV
  • Demonstrate the added value of ETV as a tool supporting the implementation of Green Deal and give visibility of ETV in policies and programs on EU and national level as a driving force for increasing the use of new environmental technologies potential


The project is implemented by a consortium of 8 partners:

  • Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Poland – Project Coordinator
  • EIT RawMaterials GmbH
  • ENEA: Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile, Italy
  • INSAVALOR, France
  • Institute of Environmental Protection -National Research Institute, Poland
  • KÖVET: Egyesület a Fenntartható Gazdaságért, Hungary
  • ZAG: Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia


Project duration: September 2020 – December 2022

Project budget: € 1,876,282

Grant agreement No: LIFE19 GIE/PL/000784-LIFEproETV

Project Coordinator – Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska, email:


More information

Project website -

Twitter @LIFEproETV

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This project has received funding form the European Union’s LIFE programme under Grant Agreement No LIFE19 GIE/PL/000784 and is co-financed by National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Poland and Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary


Film - Making ETV the EU leading scheme for market uptake of new environmental technologies

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