Mod4GrIn – Self-sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure In Climate Change Adaptation

Mod4GRIN Project

The primary objective of this proposal is to develop a self-sustainable, intelligent module system for city green infrastructure; the Mod4GrIn.

This module consists of solutions for green roof, green wall and ground level vegetation designed for buildings, covered with stress-resistant native plant species, and equipped with water circulation system and monitoring devices configured based on the Internet of Things (IoT) approach run by solar power.

The Mod4GrIn is designed for:

  • mitigation of climate changes,
  • restoration of ecosystem functions destroyed during urbanization process by moderation of urban heat island effect (moderation of local temperature and humidity), improvement of water retention while preventing excessive surface runoff,
  • improving air condition,
  • support of the urban biodiversity and natural capital.

The detailed objectives of this project cover:

  • to examine the preferences of selected plant species from local flora growing in habitats similar to those occurred on the buildings,
  • testing their resistance to common urban stressors: drought, high temperature, nutrient deficiency,
  • elaboration and testing of soil substrate with parameters similar to the natural calcareous soils
  • provide the IoT system for green module control and collecting data from the module vicinity area,
  • supply the associated electronics with off-grid photovoltaic system.

The green module as a whole in urban environment will testing in urban environment.

An improved understanding of the interactions and feedbacks between urbanization, ecological processes and climate changes, together with evidence-based guidance, is crucial for the development of appropriate solution-oriented strategies for cost-effective ecosystems-based strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation and measures for local biodiversity conservation.

Project consortium:

- Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Project Promoter
- Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway
- CommLED Solutions, sp. z.o.o., Poland


Project duratioin: 2019-2022

Total project budget: 4 484 257 PLN

Grant agreement ID: NOR/POLNOR/Mod4GrIn/0013/2019-00

Project coordinator - dr hab Marta Pogrzeba, prof IETU, email

Project manager - dr hab. Wojciech Bąba, email:

More information is available on the project webpage:  -


Project Mod4GrIn has received funding from the "Applied Research" Program implemented under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 by the National Center for Research and Development.

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