The third study tour of just transition stakeholders from Ukraine in Polish coal regions

The next study tour prepared by the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU) and the Central Mining Institute (GIG) as part of the project: Poland - Ukraine knowledge exchange for coal regions in transition – study tours of stakeholders from Ukraine in Polish coal regions is going on. The aim of the project is to exchange good practices between the hard coal and lignite regions of Poland and Ukraine in the area of ​​just transition process of mining regions and energy sector. The project is implemented with the support of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the World Bank, in consultation with the European Commission.

Study tours are to facilitate the establishment of cooperation between the coal regions of Poland and Ukraine and to disseminate proven solutions useful in planning of the just transition process with regard to legal regulations and organisational, economic, environmental and social aspects.

The project aims to acquire new knowledge and learn directly from the project or programme implementers, establish direct contacts with local authorities, community members and key stakeholders, identify and disseminate good practices, build partnerships and cooperation networks, and support the decision-making process.

The third study tour includes four days of meetings (June 24-25 and June 29-30, 2021) organised in a virtual form due to Covid-19. Among the participants of the tour are, i.a., representatives of central, regional and local administration, enterprises connected with mining industry and non-governmental organisations from Ukraine.

The agenda was prepared by experts from IETU and GIG. Polish experiences are presented by representatives of the regional and local administration of the Silesian and Wielkopolska Voivodeships, mining and energy enterprises, business environment institutions, trade unions and non-governmental organisations, as well as research institutes, representatives of the Marshal's Offices of the Silesian and Wielkopolska Voivodeships, Regional Development Agency SA in Konin, ARR Transformacja Ltd in Konin, Regional Water Management Board in Poznań, ZE PAK SA in Konin, Municipal Offices of Konin, Bytom, Zabrze and Katowice, DEMEX Mining Company in Zabrze, Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. in Gliwice, PZZ KADRA Trade Union Agreement, GREEN ENERGY - KONIN Energy Cluster, Green Future Institute, Institute for Structural Research, Central Mining Institute and Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas.

The agenda of the third study tour is divided into four sessions:

  • Regional dimension of just transition - experiences of the Silesian Voivodeship
  • Regional dimension of just transition - experiences of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship
  • New technologies - economic potential and environmental aspects, practical solutions, planning the transition process
  • Transformation as an opportunity to increase innovativeness and attractiveness of the region

The meetings will be continued on June 29-30, 2021 when the second part of the study tour has been planned.


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