JWTŚ-IETU – a new scope of verification

The Environmental Technologies Verification Body, operating at IETU since 2016, has extended the scope of its activity by the verification of innovative energy technologies.

Technology providers interested in obtaining confirmation of the technical and functional efficiency of their environmental technologies from an independent and impartial body may apply to the Environmental Technologies Verification Body at IETU (JWTŚ-IETU), which verifies innovative technologies under the European programme EU ETV. Initially, technologies were verified only in the area of ​​water treatment and monitoring, then in the area of materials, waste and resources.

Since November this year JWTŚ-IETU can also verify energy technologies in the following fields:

  • production of heat and power from renewable sources of energy (e.g. wind, sea, geothermic and biomass),
  • reuse of energy from waste, biomass or by-products (e.g. 3rd generation biofuels and combustion technologies),
  • generic energy technologies (e.g. micro-turbines, hydrogen and fuel cells, heat pumps, combined heat and power production, heat exchangers), distribution, energy storage,
  • energy efficiency in industrial processes and in buildings (e.g. thermal envelope, wall insulation, energy efficient windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems).

Technology verification (ETV) provides a credible, third party confirmation that the performance claim submitted by the manufacturer concerning the effectiveness of the technology is complete and based on reliable research. Verifications are used to authenticate the effectiveness of solutions applied both in industry and the municipal sector. The EU ETV Statement of Verification distinguishes the technology on the market, builds its competitive advantage and reduces technical and investment risk.

We invite manufacturers of innovative technologies interested in obtaining the Statement of Verification that confirms the performance of their technologies to cooperate with us.


New extended JWTŚ-IETU accreditation scope

More information – www.etv.ietu.pl




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