WeLASER – The 3rd Stakeholder Meeting and Focus Group Interviews

Works on the technology that uses artificial intelligence and laser to remove weeds are accompanied by meetings with stakeholders during which environmental issues related to the use of the WeLASER system are discussed. The first Integrated Focus Interview was also held with participants from seven countries.

Under the WeLASSER project a team of scientists from Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy is working intensively on the development of an intelligent weed control system using artificial intelligence and techniques to coordinate the operation of the weed detection system, laser and autonomous vehicle. This technology is expected to reduce the amount of chemicals used in agriculture.

IETU scientists are responsible for socio-environmental assessment using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and establishing a collaborative network for the design and development of this innovative technology.

The third WeLASER Stakeholder Meeting was held on November 19 this year. During the meeting information on the implementation of the project was provided and environmental issues were discussed, in that issues related to environmental performance, main benefits and potential impacts of using WeLASER system in practice.

Focused Group Interviews (FGI) were conducted on-line on December 2 this year with representatives of farmers, agricultural associations, agricultural advisors and scientists from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. An active discussion focused on the possibilities and barriers related to the implementation of precision farming techniques in weed control. Participants of the Focus Groups also conducted a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

I hope that the FGI results will contribute to the improvement of the design and development of business models for the use of precision farming in weed control and provide suggestions for the European policy in this area - says Dr. Janusz Krupanek - leader of the Polish team of  WeLASSER scientists.

The next Focus Group Interviews will be held in Belgium/the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.


Coordinator of activities carried out by IETU - Dr. Janusz Krupanek, email:

More information on the website -  http://www.welaser-project.eu


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