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Katowice, 11 października 2018, godz. 13.00

The role of Wastewater Treatment Plants in the control of Antibiotic Resistance dissemination

Prowadzący: Ph.D. Ivone Vaz-Moreira, Portuguese Catholic University, Faculty of Biotechnology, Porto, Portugal

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In the last years, the increase in the prevalence of antibiotic resistance has attracted the attention of researchers and regulators, and the increasingly common occurrence of multidrug resistant bacteria placed this problem as one of the global health threats of ours and future generations. To find solutions and try to define mitigation strategies, it is important to understand the problem.

The wastewater treatment plants are considered a major source in the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the environment.

The antibiotic resistance may be disseminated through the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) or of the hosted antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). For that reason, it is important to understand how wastewater treatment contributes to remove ARB and ARGs. It is also important to try to understand if some groups of bacteria have higher relevance as harbours or donors of ARGs, contributing to increase the dissemination rates of antibiotic resistance. And, which genes, if some, can be used as good indicators of the level of antibiotic resistance contamination of an environment. The role of other factors, such as the presence of stressors (e.g. antibiotic residues, metals, disinfectants) in the wastewater should also be considered as a possible contributor for the selection of ARB and/or ARGs.

These are among the major goals to achieve in order to have an adequate set of tools to measure the impact that the treated effluents, released to the environment or reused for example for irrigation practices, may have in the environment.


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11 października 2018, g. 13.00
Katowice, Instytut Ekologii Terenów Uprzemysłowionych, ul. Kossutha 6

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